Animal Welfare at Foyle Food Group

Foyle Food Group have a strong commitment to ensure the welfare of all farm animals within our supply chain and we recognise that the health and welfare of our animals is a founding principle of our business.

Our Animal Welfare Brochure


Our Animal Welfare Policy

All our Producers must adhere to rigorous animal welfare guidelines. You can find out more about our requirements for our producers by downloading our Animal Welfare Policy.

Outcome Measures

Our Animal Welfare Commitments

Compliance with legislative standards and where possible we will source from producers that are accredited to a recognized standard such as Red Tractor or Bord Bia Assured.

Preventative antibiotic use is not permitted. Antibiotics to be administrated responsibly and without comprising animal welfare.

The use of HPCIA’s (Highest Priority Critically Important Antibiotics) is not desired for use in animals destined for Foyle Food Group. Suppliers must declare if these have been used in cattle presented for slaughter and use must be under instruction from a veterinarian.

Commitment to providing and maintaining living standards of all animals when on farms.

The use of in – feed growth promoting substance (hormonal or antibiotic) is prohibited.

Cloned animals or 1st generation progeny of cloned animals will not be used.

All live animal transportation is kept to a minimum where possible. Maximum transport time from farm to abattoir is 8 hours.

All animals are stunned prior to slaughter ensuring that they are unconscious and insensible to pain.

Committed to finding the most innovative and sustainable methods in the beef supply chain through our partnership with industry body experts.

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