With a closed supply chain served by four exclusive producer clubs, Foyle draws on generations
of farming experience to deliver the finest beef products to its customers worldwide.

Retail & Catering Packs

We’ve put over 40 years of expertise and research into producing the finest beef, so it’s become a natural progression for us to take that premium product to the next level – the consumer. Investment in the latest technology allows us to achieve optimal quality, presentation and value for money in our brand–ready retail and catering packs.

*This is a small representation of our retail & catering pack products. For further information, and to find out what else we retail pack, please contact our dedicated sales team on

Sirloin Steaks

Rump Steaks

Aberdeen Angus Fillet Steaks

Diced Beef

Mince Beef

Beef Burgers

Primal Cuts

Reared in the open air on a diet of fresh, green grass, the care and expertise of the Foyle producer clubs is always evident in the integrity of our primal cuts. We offer a full range of boneless and bone in product, expertly prepared and packed to the exact specification of our client.

*This is a small representation of our Primal products.





Short Plate

Rump Cap


Investment in the latest cutting–edge technology enables Foyle to be supremely flexible in the processing of fifth quarter products to meet varying demands from global markets. Highly trained personnel ensure full compliance with stringent handling and storage standards for complete
peace of mind.

*This is a small representation of our offal products.

Thick Skirt

Thin skirt




Square Cut Cheek

Our Brands

Our brand portfolio is aimed at making it simple for our customers to choose the Foyle product that’s right for them. From our premium, dry–aged Blackmoran Angus and our restaurant–ready Foyle Gourmet to our value range, each product is prepared according to specific criteria and many are internationally recognised for their quality credentials. All brands come in various box sixes to suit the demands of the end customer.