Our Products

With a closed supply chain served by four exclusive producer clubs, Foyle draws on generations of farming experience to deliver the finest beef products to its customers worldwide.


Our Brands

Our brand portfolio is aimed at making it simple for our customers to choose the Foyle product that’s right for them. From our premium, dry–aged Blackmoran Angus and our restaurant–ready Foyle Gourmet to our value range, each product is prepared according to specific criteria and many are internationally recognised for their quality credentials. All brands come in various box sixes to suit the demands of the end customer.

Black Moran Angus

Foyle are the leading Aberdeen Angus specialist in the UK and Ireland. Aberdeen Angus beef is famed for its high degree of marbling giving the beef superior succulence & flavour. Our Angus are aged on the bone to our customer requirements.

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Foyle Gourmet

Foyle Gourmet is synonymous with quality and consistency, our prime beef is selected from farms across UK and Ireland. The cuts are prepared with skill and consistency, ideal for food service and catering.

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Glenslieve Hereford

One of the UK’s oldest native breeds that we sourced exclusively from a selected group of approved Foyle farms in the North West of Ireland and England. Hereford beef is high in marbled fat resulting in a delicious cooked product everytime.

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Redman Limousin

Limousin breed originated from the Marche regions in France, this sturdy animal produces beautifully tender meat. Prepared with the care and attention that this breed deserves and available to our customer requirements.

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Foyle Choice

A commercial brand that offers value to our customers. Packaged in our blue Foyle brand boxes, with a wide range of cuts and languages available to our customers.

Meat Folk

From the people behind the meat, we bring an exclusive retail brand called The Meat Folk. This supermarket ready range is available in various pack sizes and cuts, and ingredients can be tailored to each customers requirements.

Careers At Foyle

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We are one of the largest red meat processors in the UK with over 1,350 employees on sites in both Northern Ireland, England and the Republic of Ireland. We have employment opportunities across a wide spectrum of careers.