Nine state of the art facilities, 7500 cattle processed per week,
more than 1300 staff, over 40 years experience & over 4000 farmers.

As the largest single dedicated beef processor in the UK and Ireland, Foyle is a key player in the global beef industry. Our commitment to scale is evidenced by our investment in cutting edge technology that maximizes productivity while meeting worldwide quality standards.

Our primary sites

Foyle operates nine state of the art facilities on six sites – six in Northern Ireland, one in the Republic of Ireland and two in England. We slaughter and debone over 7500 cattle each week across our five primary processing plants and render 1500 tonnes a week ensuring all of our waste is handled in–house.

Our fully integrated, state of the art Rendering and Anaerobic Digestor plants create electricity which in turn powers our processing plants.

Foyle Ingredients / Retail Packing

Based at our Omagh site in a separate building, Foyle ingredients is our latest state of the art retail packing factory officially opened in 2017. It is our pioneering facility which takes primals from our own secure supply chain and brings them to the next level in the form of minced and diced product, portions and joints.

In developing Foyle Ingredients, we researched the very latest thinking on beef processing and invested in the most up–to–date technology.

The result is a first class facility with meticulous temperature controls, tempering, blast freezing and infrared fat analysis that is setting the bar for beef further processing around the world.

Fine Foods

Foyle’s Dry Aged beef is produced exclusively in this specialised facility dedicated solely to delivering the most succulent, tender and flavoursome cuts to connoisseurs worldwide.

Foyle Fine Foods uses the traditional maturation process, hanging the beef on the bone in sealed temperature controlled chambers, allowing the moisture content to gradually reduce until the beef reaches its optimum eating quality.


Across the whole organisation, Foyle are continually pushing the boundaries in technological advancement. Our team have travelled the globe sourcing the best technologies used in the world’s meat industry and have even helped develop some unique in–house systems of their own.

One example of our technological advancement are our Sensor X trim management systems. Investing in these represent Foyle’s commitment to precision, safety and efficiency. Using x–ray technology, we can deliver in–depth analysis of the chemical lean ratio of the meat as well as superior contaminant detection.