At Foyle, we promote a culture of passion and pride in
our beef that permeates every area of our operations.

The processes within Foyle’s facilities are always backed up by technology and DNA evidence that enables us to trace the complete history of our products right back to the field. Advanced screening technology provides ultimate confidence that product leaving our facilities meets exacting standards on both safety and individual customer specifications, for total peace of mind.


At Foyle we use IdentiGEN’s DNA Traceback technology. The system is simple yet extremely robust and allows us to certify the exact origin of all Foyle Food Group product, allowing us to trace it back to the individual animal including a full history of that animal, documenting everything from breed, age and health history to brand, labelling claims and Farm Quality Assurance status. This system is further supported by a live computerized traceability system.

This advanced traceability means we can also identify which farms are producing superior quality beef, and share the secrets of that success with our entire supply chain.

Technical Competence

Only beef that meets the most stringent standards is worthy of the Foyle name. Our commitment to product you can trust is cast iron. Sometimes that’s about the big things, such as investing in the latest technology to deliver precision and consistency at every stage of processing, or in our high–tech storage facilities. Other times, it’s about going back to basics – investing in people to make sure their skills are constantly updated, or promoting a culture of passion and pride in our beef that permeates every area of our operations.


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