Sustainability is at the heart of all that we do. Our commitment is to deliver ambitious science based emissions targets and inspire positive change across our supply chain and local communities.

A commitment to support our farmers and rural environment

As our global population continues to grow, the need for increased food production grows along with it and although the environmental impact from agriculture is increasingly clear, the sector plays a vital role in today’s society. Our Pasture pillar is dedicated to supporting our farmers towards more sustainable practices that are not only environmentally beneficial but economically smart. Farming and agriculture are central to our business, and we are committed to promoting the practices that protect and regenerate the land around us.

Our pasture commitments
  • Transparency in animal welfare standards on farms
  • Promote animal health in line with RUMA standards.
  • Support rural economies in our areas
  • Demonstrate sustainable farming practices to our farmers.
  • Reduction in Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture.
2021-2022 Progress
  • The Foyle Farms of Excellence is leading the way through their on-farm research and trials, using the latest technology and innovations to offer our producers ways to become more sustainable.
  • A Knowledge Transfer Partnership project was carried out on the Foyle Farm to aid research in higher animal welfare systems.
  • Use of Regenerative practices in the management of soil health and grazing practices supported with the Incorporation of Multi Species Swards.
  • Our ‘Superior Genetics’ programme is advancing, with results showing enhanced lifetime performance that offers significant potential in reducing GHG emissions.
  • Our farmers are invited to visit the Foyle farm which demonstrates the latest innovations in practice, the observations and results are shared and discussed. This is supported with documented best practice guides giving farmers the knowledge to adopt these sustainable practices.
  • Our Agricultural Team are sharing skills and expertise with Young Farmers groups to support education of the industry.
Responsible sourcing through product innovation and food safety

We are conscious that we have a real window of opportunity to make an impact at every stage in our supply chain, from the production of our products to the sourcing of goods to serve our customers. We are driven by our responsibility to be transparent and accountable as a business.

Our product commitments
  • Maintain the highest food safety standards across all of our sites.
  • Deliver the commitments of the UK Plastics Pact.
  • Packaging to contain accurate storage and recycling instructions to help prevent waste.
  • Promote the natural health benefits of beef.
2021-2022 Progress
  • We have achieved our Food Safety targets and maintain high food safety standards.
  • We are working with UK Plastic Pact and throughout our supply chain to deliver on their commitments.
  • 100% of our purchased cardboard is FSC / PEFC Certified.
  • Our products in production have storage and recycling information printed on pack labels.
  • We regularly promote the nutritional benefits of beef through our social media platforms and through our employee app.
Dedicating resources to protect our environment

Vast pressure is being placed on the planets natural resources with extreme weather becoming more common and forests and biodiverse areas being eroded at an unprecedented rate. As a business we are inextricably connected with the environment. We rely on the land to raise our livestock and the climate is directly linked to the health of our products. We want to reduce our negative impact on it.

Our planet commitments
  • Reduction in our Scope 1 & 2 emissions of 15% by 2025.
  • Increase our waste to energy generation by 20%.
  • Enhance biodiversity at Foyle sites.
  • Ensure all soy used in animal feed within our supply chain is deforestation and conversion free by 2025.
2021-2022 Progress
  • At the end of 2022 we had reduced our Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 26%.
  • We have increased our waste to energy generation by 5%.
  • We have planted wildflower gardens at our Foyle Omagh and Foyle Donegal sites and are signed up to the AIPP (All Ireland Pollinator Plan).
  • We are signatories of the UK Soy Manifesto and are working collectively with the industry.
Promoting positive change for our people and local communities

Within Foyle Food Group, our greatest assets are our people. They are central to our success both now and for the future. We believe in investing in our future by focusing on employee training and development along with their wellbeing. We provide equality of opportunity and being inclusive in our approach which is important and bring valuable new perspectives to how we do business.

Our people commitments
  • Evolve our well-established safety and occupational health programmes.
  • Offer a range of multi skilling training opportunities for employees.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Encourage frequent employee feedback.
  • Support our local communities and chosen charities.
2021-2022 Progress
  • Throughout 2022, our health and safety programme has helped to reduce the number of incidents reported across the group by 30%.
  • We have created an online training platform, the Foyle Learning Centre, to provide an opportunity for PC users to up-skill on different topics.
  • We created the dedicated employee app, Foyle Connect. This app gives our employees easy access to key information and all the latest news.
  • We have had a number of visits to our production facilities, and we have presented directly at Primary, Secondary schools and further education to help educate farm to fork processes.
  • £120,000 raised to support local communities. Each Foyle site has a chosen charity. We have updated our CSR policy to outline our goals and targets for each of our sites on how we will support our local communities.

Our Sustainability Strategy is founded on four key pillars and underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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