At Foyle, we ensure precision and quality in our processing
and it’s no different on the service side of our business.

We’re passionate about sustainability and we strive to eliminate wastage of time and resources in every area of our business. Our goal is to continuously improve the way we work, maximizing efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint wherever possible.


Here in the British Isles, over 80% of our farmland is pasture and our mild, rainy climate means we grow some of the best grass in the northern hemisphere. Our farmers belong to our four exclusive producer clubs, which means they must adhere to our strict code of practice for grass–fed beef.

We work closely with them to share knowledge and promote mutual understanding. Using practices and husbandry techniques handed down from generation to generation, they raise cattle the way nature intended, for a texture and flavour that cannot be imitated.

Livestock & Organic

We are consistently focused on the welfare of our livestock and only source cattle from farmers who share our vision on animal welfare. All our facilities are designed to eliminate stress wherever possible while highly trained staff ensure calm and humane handling at all times. Our animals are allowed to eat a natural diet, to behave in a natural way, and to live comfortable, stress free lives from beginning to end.

Our supplying farmers can head over to where you will find information relating to cattle slaughtered and upcoming events.

We are proud to say that Foyle Gloucester is also certified by the Soil Association for both abattoir and butchery and offers a full range of certified organic beef products sourced from farms where cattle graze freely on natural pasture without the use of artificial fertilisers or GM feeds. As with all our beef, our organic produce is fully DNA tested and traceable.


Respect for the environment dictates every aspect of the way we do business.

We are always looking for improved ways of working. By using technology to reduce waste and to refine our processes, we make them the most efficient and eco–friendly. Such efforts have earned Foyle Food Group a whole series of awards and accreditations.

We have been certified to the internationally–recognised ISO14001 standard which informs all aspects of the company’s environmental lifecycle, challenging us to learn and prove that even big businesses can tread lightly.

By using analytical software that reports our environmental performance in real time we make our processes more efficient and eco–friendly. As part of our 2020 vision we have ambitious targets to reduce Carbon emissions by 20%. By the end of 2020 we aim to reduce production based emissions on relative terms by 20% from our 2015 baseline.


Ethical Trading

At Foyle, we want to see our people doing well. We embrace our social responsibilities wholeheartedly and everything we do is governed by a code of ethics that encourages personal and professional growth for all our employees.

Foyle has been awarded ‘Investors in People’ status at all its sites for the past 22 years. We strive to offer training and development programmes for all staff to help them unlock their full potential. On a personal level, we take the health and wellbeing of our workforce seriously and we’ve achieved national recognition for our approach.


At Foyle we understand the value of an economical, super–streamlined management structure. For us, it ensures not just financial sustainability but also day–to–day working that really works – the right people, with the right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time. For you, it means all the expertise and professional service you need, just a single email or phone call away.

Foyle ingredients is our newly installed catering and retail plant which delivers premium retail packs to many high quality blue chip customers.

Eco Plants

Foyle Bio and Foyle Proteins work in tandem to complete the final stages of Foyle Food Group’s nutrient cycle. As part of our ‘cradle–to–cradle’ approach we utilise animal by– product waste from beef production to create high–quality organic materials and nutrients, such as tallow oil, pet food and fertiliser.

Foyle’s Bio-Energy, anaerobic plant, uses the grass digested by the animals in order to produce electricity: Foyle Campsie plant is 100% powered by this renewable energy source.

This circular approach compliments our commitment to zero waste to landfill by making our production cycle virtually waste free whilst producing valuable resources.