Our Commitments

At Foyle, we’re conscious of our responsibility to operate as a sustainable business and are committed to doing that well. That means having a purpose beyond profit – one that ensures we give equal priority to reducing our negative impacts on the environment and increasing the positive difference we can make in society. This ethos applies across every area of our operations and underpins our support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


As our global population continues to grow, the need for increased food production grows along with it and although the environmental impact from agriculture is increasingly clear the sector plays a vital role in today’s society. At Foyle Food Group farming and agriculture are central to our business and we are committed to promoting the practices that protect and regenerate the land around us.

Our pasture commitments
  • Reduction in Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture of 14%
  • Antibiotic usage in line with RUMA (Responsible Use Of Antimicrobials) standards
  • Transparancy in animal welfare standards on farms


At Foyle Food Group we’re conscious that we have a real window of opportunity to make an impact at every stage in our supply chain, from the production of our products, from sourcing goods to servicing our customers, we will be driven by our responsibility to do business in a transparent and accountable way.

Our product commitments
  • 100% removal of nuisance plastics in procurement
  • 50% recycled content in our packaging
  • 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging materials
  • Halve our food waste


Vast pressure is being placed on the planets natural resources, extreme weather is becoming more common with forest and biodiversity areas being eroded at an unprecedented rate. At Foyle Food Group our business is inextricably connected with the environment. We rely on the land to raise our livestock and the climate is directly linked to the health of our product. We respect the environment and want to reduce our negative impact on it.

Our planet commitments
  • Reduction in Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions of 28%
  • 15% reduction in water usage
  • Source 100% of soy from certified zero – deforestation supply chains
  • 20% increase in waste to energy generation from 2019 baseline
  • Biodiversity enhancement projects at two sites


At Foyle Food Group our greatest assets are our people, they are central to our success, now and in the future. We believe in investing in our future by focusing on employee training and development, along with wellbeing both physical and mental which is critical to our sustainability. Providing equality of opportunity and being inclusive in our approach is important to Foyle Food Group, we know that a more diverse company can better serve a diverse society and bring valuable new perspectives to how we do business.

Our people commitments
  • Mental health first aid champions at each site
  • Access to full health check for each employee
  • Each site will have an annual charity partnership
  • All employees to have access to apprentice training scheme
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