What We Do

As the largest single dedicated beef processor in the UK and Ireland, Foyle is a key player in the global beef industry. Our commitment to scale is evidenced by our investment in cutting edge technology that maximises productivity while meeting worldwide quality standards.

Our Sites

Foyle operates 8 state of the art facilities on 5 sites – 5 in Northern Ireland, 1 in the Republic of Ireland and 2 in England. We slaughter and debone over 7000 cattle each week across our five primary processing plants. Our fully integrated, state of the art Rendering and Anaerobic Digestor plants create electricity which in turn powers our processing plants.

  • Primary Processing
  • Further Processing
  • Producers
  • Eco

Primary Processing

40 years of expertise in butchery and delivering high quality products.  Within the group we have 5 slaughtering and 4 butchery facilities which are all operating to the Foyle high standards of quality and consistency.

Our lairages are designed to the leading animal welfare specialist Temple Grandin standards & we have invested in the innovative technology of Sensor X Trim Management Systems in all of our butchery halls ensuring precision, safety & efficiency.


Fine Foods

Foyle’s Dry Aged beef is produced exclusively in this specialised facility dedicated solely to delivering the most succulent, tender and flavoursome cuts to connoisseurs worldwide.

Foyle Fine Foods uses the traditional maturation process, hanging the beef on the bone in sealed temperature controlled chambers, allowing the moisture content to gradually reduce until the beef reaches its optimum eating quality.

Ingredients & Retail Packaging

Ingredients & Retail Packaging

Based in our Omagh facility, Foyle Ingredients contains the latest state-of-the-art slicing and packaging equipment. It is our pioneering facility which takes primals from our own secure supply chain and brings them to the next level in the form of minced and diced product, portions and joints.

In developing Foyle Ingredients, we researched the very latest thinking on beef processing and invested in the most up–to–date technology. The result is a first class facility with meticulous temperature controls, tempering, blast freezing and infrared fat analysis that is setting the bar for beef further processing around the world.



Our rendering plant has a capacity of 1400 tons per week and coverts inedible animal by product waste into tallow. The tallow is then used in biodiesel and bone meal which is used as a biomass fuel. The experienced team operate the facility to high standards including the ISCC accreditation and ISO14001 environmental standards.

Our anaerobic digestion plant uses paunch, effluent sludge, and waste fats from our process to produce methane gas that powers our gas generator (CHP). This generator powers Foyle Campsie with renewable energy. The Foyle Eco division operates to a high standard of control that approves the digested waste for use in farming, meaning nothing goes to waste.

Careers At Foyle

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We are one of the largest red meat processors in the UK with over 1,350 employees on sites in both Northern Ireland, England and the Republic of Ireland. We have employment opportunities across a wide spectrum of careers.