In our quest to provide our customers with the highest possible standards in food quality and safety, Foyle DNA tests 100% of the cattle we slaughter. We use the most up-to-date technology in our practices, which means we have one of the strictest traceability systems in the world – the outcome being the safest beef for our customers.

A family company with a strong reputation for integrity, Foyle works closely with experienced, Quality Assured farms to achieve optimal welfare, and a closed supply chain facilitated by our exclusive producer clubs. This commitment to quality is what gives Foyle’s beef products their distinctive texture and taste.


We won’t compromise on quality. From ethics to economics and environment, our approach to sustainability is award-winning and geared towards a better future for everyone.


With 9 sites across the UK and Ireland, Foyle have the capacity to slaughter over 350,000 cattle per year. By Investing in the latest advancements across our facilities, we are well positioned to meet the needs of all our customers.


Product integrity is paramount at Foyle and with over 7,500 animals processed in house each week, advanced DNA testing and traceability systems ensure we know the full story of our beef, from farm to fork.


Our people know this industry inside out and our Shared Services Centre brings all that knowledge together in one place, delivering expertise and efficiency every time.

Expertise you can trust

Foyle is the largest Single dedicated beef processor in the UK and Ireland. We specialize in the slaughter, deboning and further processing of premium beef products, which are exported around the world.

All of our beef comes from a closed supply chain supported by experienced farmers in our producer clubs. From primal cuts to portions, joints and retail packs, Foyle has invested in technology to enable agility and responsiveness to our customers’ needs, as well as ultimate accountability and confidence in our products.

Where tradition meets innovation

At Foyle Food Group we believe that when tradition and innovation come together, everything is possible. With the utmost reverence for traditional farming methods and natural lifestyles for our cattle, we ensure unrivalled succulence and flavour. Through technology, we ensure ultimate safety and traceability, as well as the efficiency required to meet the demands of a global, 21st century market.

Investing in technology

With nine state-of-the-arts facilities, Foyle Food Group’s business is divided into three principal divisions; Primary Processing, Further Processing and Foyle Eco. These divisions encompass everything from slaughter and deboning through to the preparation of gourmet Dry Aged cuts and retail packs of minced and diced beef and burger patties.

Our operations are supported by a knowledgeable and experienced personnel team in our Shared Services Centre and underpinned by Foyle’s commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

We’re invested in the pursuit of excellence

The entire ethos of our company is built around making it easier for customers to choose Foyle. Attention to detail in every aspect of our operations sets us apart – from farm to factory to fork. We’re completely invested in the pursuit of excellence to ensure our customers benefit from superior quality, safety, value and flavour. When you choose Foyle, you’ll be working with the experts – and you can taste the difference.



Foyle’s greatest source of pride is our producer clubs, formed by farmers with generations of experience in traditional, welfare–focused farming methods. They make most of the natural resources available here in Ireland to grow the healthiest, happiest cattle and produce the most succulent, delicious beef.



Based in the north west of Ireland, Foyle takes advantage of Ireland’s famous green pastures and rich farming heritage to produce world-beating grass fed beef.


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Proud, regal and black as ink. Never has a breed of cattle inspired so many. From folk tunes to poetry, the divine qualities of Aberdeen Angus has commanded a place in the hearts and minds of cattle breeders and beef connoisseurs since the dawn of breeding. We’re proud to say that the Blackmoran Angus beef produced by Foyle contains all the delicious flavour that makes this breed so beloved.


Sourced from a select group of dedicated farmers, all cattlemen in their own right, they understand exactly what it takes to produce beef worthy of the Cattleman’s name. All our cattlemen know the secret of good beef is to keep their cattle happy and healthy.


Open a box of Foyle Gourmet and you’ll find cuts prepared with skill and consistency so there’s no need for trimming. Just open and slice. Perfect for food service and catering, the flexibility of our Foyle Gourmet range allows you to choose from a range of cattle breeds, butchered to any specification.


Expertly reared on Ireland’s rich green pastures, the unique texture and flavour of Foyle branded beef represents generations of farming expertise and research. Careful breeding and meticulous welfare combine to produce meat with unrivalled succulence that is treated with the utmost respect at every stage of the process to ensure it arrives with our customer in perfect condition.

The Foyle Food Group is committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees and stakeholders during the current pandemic.
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