We are Origin Green Gold

Origin Green is Ireland’s national food and drink sustainability programme giving customers across the globe the assurance of sustainable food production. Its vitally important that food is produced in a way that protects our natural resources.

Our Foyle Donegal site is proud to have obtained the prestigious Origin Green Gold Membership for the sustainability projects and initiatives it delivered in 2021. This recognition is for the overall outstanding performance in the raw material sourcing, resource efficiency and the commitment to social sustainability. Foyle Donegal set ambitious targets and the teams relentless efforts delivered best in class exceeding targets in their drive towards positive environmental change.

The use of digital technology is at the core of our business in delivering resource efficiency. The integration with the energy management system provides a powerful tool in providing real time data, trends, analysis, and the ability to make data driven decisions delivering consistent performance / results.

Our Sustainability Strategy is founded on four key pillars and underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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We are one of the largest red meat processors in the UK with over 1,350 employees on sites in both Northern Ireland, England and the Republic of Ireland. We have employment opportunities across a wide spectrum of careers.